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Wadden Islands Ameland en Schiermonnikoog

If you put your head above the dike in our village Paesens you can see Schiermonnikoog (straigt ahead) en Ameland (to your left) For a day out to Schiermonnikoog you can take the ferry from Lauwersoog. When visiting Ameland you should take the ferry from Holwerd. Both Islands offer enough for a great day trip. …
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The nearest supermarket and ATM is in Anjum. Furthermore there is a traditional butcher, a cozy restaurant (which also delivers in Paesens) and a family doctor. The village has a number of historic elements such as the station building and the depot building (railway closed in 1937) The village is easily accessible and is also…
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SRRC Pieterburen

Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre (SRRC) in Pieterburen is just over 30 kilometers from Paesens and is definitely worth a visit. Here are sick or injured seals healed and returned to the sea. The seals, who where found all over the Waddenzee and also in Paesens, Schiemonnikoog and Lauwersoog are been picked up by the…
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For most Dutch people Dokkum is the town most known for its turning point in the famous dutch 200 km skating marathon known as the Elfstedentocht. However Dokkum is so much more, with its historic citycenter and the fortification walls, the many old buildings give you a feeling of history. You can reed more about…
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